Show #13 - Airs 1/10/11

Aired on January 12 2011

We'll tackle organizing - why it's not just good for your stuff, but why it's also good for your relationships.

Add this to your resolution list – better ways to relate – to your money.  We’ll help you figure out your financial figures.

Man’s best friend has a new B-F-F.  We’ll introduce you to a trainer who has says we need to think like our pampered pooch.

What’s his is yours and what’s yours is his – but what happens if the two of you are no longer an “us?” We’ll share how to protect what’s his, hers and theirs.

Your teenagers are very involved – with their own lives.   Is there a way to still be one big happy family?  Coach Kathy offers advice.

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Elite K-911

Integrity First Planners, Inc.

a comprehensive financial services firm located in Northeast Ohio.

Lyndall Insurance

Lyndall Insurance

Lyndall Insurance is a family-owned independent insurance agency.

S.O.S. - Sharb Ornanizing Solutions

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